Club Surfing Rules

1st Round
1st place        10 points
2nd place        8 points
3rd place        6 points
4th place        4 points
5th place        2 points
6th place        1 point

2nd Round
1st place        5 points
2nd place       4 points
3rd place        3 points
4th place        2 points
5th place        1 point
6th place        1 point

If you can only surf the second round you only receive 3 points.
Surf in your grade division (eg 3rds) and there will be no change to the other surfers scores
For example – You come 1st you get 3 points however whoever came 2nd gets 1st place points.
You must surf to get the points, not just show up.

If a second round is cancelled everyone who surfed the first round will be given 3 points as there 2nd round score.
First round points remain the same.

We surf 12 comps in the year, May to April.  New season dates for 2016/2017 are

Sunday May 29
Sunday June 26
Sunday July 31
Sunday August 28
Sunday September 25
Sunday October 30 ( Blueys away comp tbc)
Sunday November 27
Sunday December 18 (may be moved to the 11th includes AGM)

Sunday January 29
Sunday February 26
Sunday March 26
Sunday April 23 (MALJAM April 29)

8 or the possible 12 comps will be scored for your GRADE POINT SCORE.
Totals will come from your 8 BEST SCORES (for A, B, C, Junior, Cadets) This allows for any 4 comp drop offs or 4 missed comps.

Club champion point scores will now be totaled on 11 of the possible 12 surfed comps.  This allows for 1 missed comp.

If, during the year, we only surf say 9 comps then the club champion points are counted on all of those 9 comps.

In summary, GRADE POINT SCORE is on 8 COMPS.  CLUB CHAMPION POINT SCORE is on 11 comps.

If our allocated Sunday comp is cancelled it automatically moves to the next Sunday.
NOTE – Exception to this is if it is followed by a public holiday (eg Easter).  It then moves to the second Sunday after the original comp date.

We will still surf the Sunday comp on the allocated date during school holidays.

New members will surf 3 times.  The points total will be divided by 3 for an average.
A Grade     10.5 or higher
B Grade     Above 7.5 but below 10.5
C Grade     7.5 and lower

Guest ‘A’ grade surfers for a one off surf are welcome but their points are not scored.